You Are For Me

You come to me every day.

I frequently reminisce about the fantastic times we have had together.

The moonlight is casting a shadow over the landscape; however, your silhouette is glorious and unmistakably present.

My eyes are fixated on you.

The outline of the hourglass shape your naked body is mesmerizing.

I can see your long black hair caresses the luscious shape of your magnificent breasts and torso, which ends just above your waist.

My heart starts to beat rapidly.

I feel my manhood start to engorge.

My lusty thoughts are engrossed with the desire to take all of you.

My eyes start to cascade down your silhouette, however the tyranny of the distance and the light is teasing, I want to see you closer.

Time is now at a standstill, it’s tantalizing.

With my manhood now rock hard and my lust for you raging, I walk closer towards you.

My mind is driving me crazy, how can this be, am I dreaming, is this really happening?

I am enthralled with the prospect of invading your personal space.

I am now close enough to see what I always wanted to see.

I am in a position now where the moonlight uncovers your misty silhouette and gives birth 

Your sexiness is breathtaking.

I think to myself, how should I approach this so that it never ends.  I think to myself, "don’t fuck this up!"

I move myself well into your personal space.

I catch the scent of your sexy fragrance and pause again to admire how perfect you are.

Your face is so beautiful….Your eyes are mesmerizing, your lips luscious.

My hands have now clasped to your waist.

I pull myself closer to you…..your nipple is now touching my chest.

One hand is still clasped to your waist and the other is navigating toward your breast.

Our faces are millimetres apart…..I move into and engross my lips to yours with vigorous passion.

The taste of you is indescribable…..

My arm is now around your waist with my other hand now cradling your breast.

Your hand has found it’s way holding and stroking my member.

Your reciprocation to the sequence of events is driving me crazy...I am now in a state of unbelievable turmoil. 

My mouth replaces my hand obessing your perky breast.

My hand navigates down to your pussy.

My fingers caress your labia majora, stroking it with aplomb.

I slowly progress to you labia minora.  I soon discover the apparent moistness to my delight.

My fingers slowly slide inside are now stroking me vigorously whilst we are passionately kiss....we are perfectly synced.

I can feel myself starting to reach a point of no return. The passion of your kisses is intense and quite apparent. I can feel a strong vibe pulsating through you.

We explode!.....I am in elysium....."did this really happen?"

I can feel the tingles throughout my body, coupled with goose bumps…what ecstasy!

I have now entered a realm of pleasure and connectiveness that I could never have imagined.

I think to myself, the current reciprocation of pleasures and delights can only come from soul mates, you are for me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my most longing memories with a very special lady.  This experience shared with her was life changing for me.  I find this appropriate to share on this valentines day to celebrate the day for lovers across the universe.

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