Time Flows.. If I Could Have Stopped It.. I Would Have.

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Days fall in the surrenduring wake of the sun.

Weeks retreat upon the calendar, as the

tide retreats during the gaze of a full moon.

Months fall as swift as Napoleon's men

during the era of the Scorched Earth campaign.

Years hold hostage, father time

captivating mother earth to free her beloved one

with a thunderous might drowning out civilization.

Decades pass, like the breeze which rustles

the seeds that carry forth... the future.

Centuries write themselves into history..

Tales of heroism and bravery passed down

Inspiring the seedlings who bask in the glory of the past.

In all this time that has passed..

The days, weeks, months, years..

It is the minutes.. and seconds that I spent with you

that I will cherish for eternity and am glad to say..

That I spent them with you...

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