Death Coming

Staring across the plane,
Is a darkness coming,
Will it be filled
With regrets?

It's an end to our cycle,
An end to our memories,
The final stop of hope,
Where will we be?

Years have gone,
Breezing by,
There's a gust coming,
Will I see you
before the storm?

The rain is starting,
And across the field,
Is the dark clouds,
Thunder cackling.

Please come,
Say you love me,
One last time,
Before it takes me.

I'm burning,
I was hit
With your lightning,
and I'm on fire.

And the only thing
That will put it out
Is that storm,
It's coming.

I'm burning forever,
Like I promised,
Please don't you see
It never leaves me?

And the storm is coming,
It's empty, lonely,
I just want

one last goodbye
before I head in,
to the storm;


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nostalgia. It hurts.

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