Quietly Holding

On my back is my pack,
Feelings and thoughts it should not lack,
Should you know anything, you're a crack,
At least, you are to that backpack.

Memories are filling it full,
None if it is called bull,
Despite the load, I continue to pull,
Even if it begins to take a toll.

There is a balloon that does expand,
Emotions fall from events to land,
All sorts of them form a band,
These I can wear as a garland.

One being such I wait for is a dove,
Whom I surely completely love,
Surely I thought I had dove,
To end up with her in our cove.

I quietly hold this load,
Even if my heart may explode,
And my mind such to implode--
I will make it to the love node.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I walk onwards in my life, waiting for the moment I can be released of all this stress...
and finally find the center of my dreams---love.

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lonelymemories's picture

Not bad...Theres a couple of parts that are a bit confusing but all in all its a pretty good poem....