Forget Me

I am, as you know,
Just another fool.
One that is forgotten,
As each moment passes.

So as will you,
Forget me,
as others do,
Their words a lie.

I will never forget you,
I will always love you,
I will never leave,
I will never hate you.

Infinite it seems,
How many speak the same words,
Over and over again,
And it ends in the same result.

Forget me,
As so many countless others have,
Forget me,
And don't remember the joy I brought.

I want to rise,
To become something,
Be something greater than myself,
And it shall be forgotten.

Forget me,
And my pathetic dreams,
Forget me,
I'm just another dreamer.

Sit down,
And listen,
To the dark night,
Time is passing.

Everything will be forgotten.
In the end of it all,
Only now matters,
Will you forget me now?

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Kris Grula's picture

Wonderful... absolutley wonderful