Completely & Utterly

The feeling of power,
Darkness combined,
A resolve, solution,
To the situation of being




Alone--to face pain,
The comeback to our ways,
Fallacy always thriving,
Argumentive points lost--

There are those who are,
That are completely lost,
To self or to others,
Perhaps utterly gone.

Completely memories lost,
Utterly destroyed all parts,
Should we go for another ride--
Someplace to find love?

It seems such perfections,
Ones that seemed forever,
Are not so true eternal,
And promptly gone before start.

To the world where we find...
Pitch black, dark beings,
Things of speed, of silence.

Heartbeats make the music,
The sounds of movement,
There is no society...
Only self.

This place begs for itself,
That is the mind of oneself,
To be forever gone,
Away into rest--

Completely finished,
Utterly diminished--

--Life that is.

Beckon thoughts,
Fathom a reality;
Once complete, where else?
From that point nothing.

But such is a dream!
To never become better,
For the best...
Needs no rest!

Completely intangible,
This world thought of,
Should touch of love come,
Tangible reality may suffice.

But for the thoughts,
A bleak existence seems naught.
Question, and answer,
It's all the same then.

If left, death takes.
Alone, it seems the key.
Should one want to die,
They cannot;

Completely given over,
Utterly controlled by,
The feelings of others.
One could not hurt that.

Should it happen,
Should they turn away long enough,
That is where we find sorrow!
And to time to heal.

Question is,
Was it real?
All things must be accepted.
Question self to rationalize self!

Can it be done again?
Completely fallen for love,
Utterly given over to joy,
Maybe. Mayhaps not.

When does poetry become--
Yes become--
A wreck?
As opposed to beauty?

This is when we think,
To all possibilities,
To all perspectives...
This is completely



worth nothing,
and the entire world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And there it is.

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