Fatal Air

Stoned Sour

unless air is fatal to those who breathe, you should have nothing to fear.
The safest way of surviving Fatal Air is to steal a few handfuls of blazing air.
Granting you access to:
“Enter without Danger.”

Physical contact sparked flames instantly. 
Heating up more than the temperature, while bundles of blazing grass were thrown in for a real heat wave. preparing the flame chest filled with signal rockets that we brought from the wreck blasted flying fiery serpents shots; gliding across the sky and shortly disappearing at a vast distance. 
Radiant meteors on a cloud of thunder lightened up by local magicians sparked and smoked like fire-breathing dragons. 

These experiments lighted the air-leaving all oxygen purified.

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I just want to give you credit.

I wrote  "  The Air I Breathe  "

Right after reading your poem.


Keep writing.