The Fortune Teller

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Please, Gypsy

Tell me every mountain

or rock

or river

in my palms

so that I could know myself

in some small way.

I care not the names

of future lovers

for my soul mate is gone.





See how easily I break things?

I broke his heart

and he got revenge.

I tried to cry to the trees

but now

my eyes are tired of tears and

the wood doesn’t want to talk anymore.

What see you in your crystal ball?

My death – the end?

We all are scared of our demise

And we all wonder if we ever left any kind of fingerprint

on this universe…

But there is no universe to behold,

no planets to ponder,

no rains left to dance under…

Can you not see, fortune teller?

… This is only a dream.

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March 2008

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