When I Become Beautiful

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I once heard of lips referred to as Popsicles

Popsicle lips

Right there in black and white

In that book whose author I can’t remember

And I wonder what that means…

And I wonder if maybe I have Popsicle lips

I hope someday some author says I have Popsicle ears

That way everything I hear will be juicy and sweet

So sticky that I can’t forget a tune

Or speech

Or word

Popsicle ear and lemon eyes

Lemon eyes that make you tense when you see them

Because they aren’t actually yellow, but just as bright

My lemon eyes will be strong

But don’t forget that sugar turns lemons sweet

Popsicle ears

Lemon eyes

Baked bread hands

Poets will someday write about my baked bread hands

Which are so warm and soft and white

Handsome boys will travel miles just to hold them

Hold my baked bread hands and look into my fearless lemon eyes

And say good words that stick to my Popsicle ears

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