Mona Lisa

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Who are you?

You whose beauty has conquered the wonder of the world?

Whose gaze is fixed upon me

Welcoming me to silent communication.

Mona Lisa - Tell me your secrets.

There is wisdom in those eyes

What were you thinking?

That second, that breath...

When Da Vinci’s brush touched canvas

And created your masterpiece.

Mona Lisa - Did you know

You’d take our breath away?

I see the goddess in your countenance

Hidden beneath your veil

Unfinished yet complete

Capturing the imagination of us all.

Mona Lisa - You inspire me.

© Laura Stevens 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2007 - Did this for an english assignment.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

I've seen the actual piece in the Louvre... fantastic piece written here!