Lake Of Black


The wheel is turning, Time's gone by

It's been a year since you have died

An entire year since I've seen your face

An entire year time can't erase.

I've realized slowly I had a lot more to learn

I didn't know enough about you, as far as I'm concerned

But when you drowned in that lake of Black

A part of me died and it will never come back.

I'm waiting to cry but I know it won't come

I'll just sit here the 14th, completely numb.

I feel so foolish for reacting this way

Why can't I get over you, Robert Grey?

I shoved your memory into the back of my mind

Deciding I'd deal with it some other time

But I want you to know this; I confess

That I do not care for you any less

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Robert Grey, who drowned in Black Lake on August 14th, 2005. He was my friend. 2006
I really never got to say goodbye to him.

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forgeteden's picture

That's really sad, it makes me want to cry when I think about it. Death really is a horrible thing, though it is part of life... Well, I suppose that death isn't the horrible part of it, it's never seeing the person again... And never getting to say goodbye. And then you think about how different things could have been if that person was still here, and what they would have become if they were still alive.

I despise death, though I welcome it... It's a very confusing feeling, yes, but it's easily comprehendable. [Is that a word? Lol!]

But anyways, I like this poem. Alot. It makes me sad, though it is very good. <3