Danger to Gays


Being gay in such a small town

Full of conservatives -Rains year-round

Shhh... Keep a secret, don't make a sound

Else there's too many - You're knocked to the ground.

It began so simple, just little taunts and jeers

No violence or theft, only hateful sneers

I had hoped the ignorance would pass with the years

But instead all that has grown are my fears.

The word "Gay" is an insult worthy of all

It's tossed here and there - it makes my heart fall

"Dyke" is hateful, "Faggot" A mere call,

Soon they'll be saying "Nigger" And "Chink" In the halls.

I want to plea to the adults of earth

Teach your children compassion and mirth

All of their acceptance may one day give birth

To a friendship and knowlegde of amazing worth.

I'm tired of this hate - It's dragging me down

But what can I do? I can't make a sound.

It's dangerous being a gay in this town

Soon they'll bury our corpses in the ground.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One day, I was walking down the road in my small town, and a van pulled up beside me and egged me. While they threw the eggs they screamed "Lezbo! Dyke!" And then sped away. That was the first time I experienced REAL homophobia. Later on I heard that a young woman was beaten by three men twice her size, simply because she was a lesbian. I wrote this shortly thereafter. 2006

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Afzal Shauq's picture

realistic one... based on ground realities... well done

forgeteden's picture

That really sucks that, that had happened to you. I wish people would be more accepting... And that's sad about the lesbian that got beaten.

Dan Wilson's picture

Ignorant people... they will never learn that hate is just pointless. Everything you have said in this poem is true. What will happen if things just get worse and worse? It's horrible really.