Boulders and Tea Leaves

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I want you to hold me.

I want you to

kiss to

touch to

tell me you love me…

(You’ve turned away…)

I have held you.

I have caught the sea of stars

that fell

from your glistening lashes…

(You loved me then)


as the rain leaks through the open window

in my chest

I realize I’ve lost you


And I realize that

this is my doing –

I have planted myself in this

and I’ll never be a flower.

The truth is coarse

like gravel

crushed between my teeth.

I had a vision that

One day years from now

I’ll run into you on a subway and

we’ll exchange glances.

You’ll try to remember my name

as I try to swallow the boulder


in my throat.

All I know is now –

the present.

And it’s warm in here

I’m cold inside and

these tea leaves smell ancient.

My lungs feel ancient

and heavy…

I will breathe in some sleep….

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March 2008

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