Love Monsters


Oh come merry along


To the beat of the drums,


Let no sound be made 


For it might stir it awake.


The drums carry a rhythm,


One of its heart,


It acts like a lullaby to the sleeping thing next door,


Creep but be still or be fodder for the rest.


How did you get here?


Were you not shot in the chest?


Oh well don't worry, we can fix you yet.


All scream and call, let her return.


We have one who has yet


To fall in 'love'.


Dont worry young one,


If she likes you enough


She will spit you back out


And only keep your heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one early, and I didn't want to hang on to it any longer and wait for my other poems in this folder. If you have any comments you would like to make, I welcome them.