Where are All the Fallen Soldiers?

Like veins beneath a silver blade

My heart begins to break

And gone again the secrets go

My words begin to shake

But all that falls upon your ears

Are whispers in your wake

And I begin to wonder how

Much more of this I'll take


Where are all the fallen soldiers

Whose bodies all remain

Just outside your city walls

Which hatred cannot tame

A bitter world of disrepair

Without, it cant sustain

The aching words within my heart

That never cause you pain


They slither deep within you

Though you claim to disagree

That my past became so violent

And your voice devoured me

The secrets never cease to rest

Though you will never see

That they are screaming with resistance

And trying to break free


I ask myself, where are your fears

When I'm too scared to hide?

I wonder if you even notice

How rotten I became inside

I wonder where the soldiers go

When their words have been denied

The same place you had sent my voice

Every time I cried

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