The Wind Dance


Lost in a shadows dance
The ghostly remains
Of my shivering breath
Ever longing to touch
The unreachable

If only I could have held on a little longer

Drift past
You're the wind
Little indent of my heart
Don't let your eyes cast a glance
At the devil
In the dark

Tell me, does it hurt?
Because I need to know
If I'm really that bad
If I'm
That evil

And you
Were once an echo

The doors that once welcomed me
Have slammed shut behind me
The only decibel I can hear
Is the sound of your dancing

The ground
Is shaking.

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Dizzylemons's picture

I swear to God if I had found

I swear to God if I had found this a week ago I'd be in tears right now, this was fantastic.

forgeteden's picture

Thank you. It means a lot to

Thank you. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed my work.