All That Stands Blindly


There's a story behind every lie,
Every star for every little girl who's fallen in love,
The sun falls upon my eyes, but I don't cry,
Even the ones I love are shrouded in darkness,
The voice of sorrow calms me, the shadows are at the edge,
As we fall upon the concrete with scraped knees,
Maybe someday, when we get older,
You'll forget our childhood kisses,
As we leave smoke in the air on the road to salvation.

We release our hands and breathe again,
My vision hazy at the sound of your voice,
Calling to me, but only in my mind,
Belted by rain, and hail, and snow,
Yet, all I need is right here ahead of me,
But my voice may never reach you.

With progress in our hearts and in our minds,
If these things soothe you, then maybe you'll survive,
And through the darkness I see your true colours,
Or maybe it's the other way around,
The difficult times have passed, and so have we.

We can take a trip around the world and back,
And we can throw our troubles to the sea,
Where fatal whispers can finally guide you,
Instead of wasting every hour watching,
And all the lights and stars above you,
Can never wash away your tears.

The distance and the love besought you,
With angel tears upon my back,
With smiles, and love, and holy laughter,
So I never know who's calling for me,
The whitest rose or the most beautiful lilac,
Cannot compare to the darkness of my soul.

And although I expect nothing less than love,
Every bright star, and every satellite,
Could fall down upon me, but as long as I'm holding you,
I know the world will keep spinning.

When I look into your eyes I see passed your dark heart,
But sometimes I look inside and can't help but feel ugly,
When my dreams turn to black and white,
And the bitterness of my soul spreads worldwide,
Combined with power, my heart beats faster,
And here I am, just standing still,
On my dying day I will finally speak the truth.

So I'll be on my way, maybe see you again,
I'm at my breaking point now; turning inside out,
Wondering if what I'm doing is right or wrong,
This creation, this immortality,
Sometimes, all I need is a little piece of mind.

And if you find me on this dark, autumn night,
I hope you tell me that you're happy to see my face,
And if you see me hiding behind the willow tree,
Tell me that you love me, and will love no other.

Set backs and letting go, I just can't take it,
So I'll stand up high - as high as I can reach,
Until I can no longer take it...

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amazing write. powerful and

amazing write. powerful and intense