No More Little Words


I can't be real enough,
It seems that all these little words
Come crashing through me
Like waves upon a shore upon my heart
And this veil that covers me
Seeps into my skin and curls my blood
And calls me perfection.

This little white pill - this white veil,
Covering my head; my tourniquet
Lets sleep my eyes and empties my shell
Of the unforgiven

Let sleep my child,
Child of mine,
In mine,
Mine head.

Beating to the war drums
A world within itself
Upon a throne upon my heart
Let rest upon dew drops
Strings of beads in my eyes
Fluttering down to mine knees.

And a lie nevermore shall escape these lips
Nevermore a child born - a first born
And my shoulder will cry into your eyes
And forevermore
Shall I lie.

Forevermore, nevermore,
I'll lie.
And forevermore, nevermore,
These words shall not be small.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About my addiction to Vicodin.

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captain's picture

Hey, I like this poem. You wouldn't have written it without yr addiction tho.
Everyone's fucked up. At least you got something good out of it.