I want to bleed for you,

Because I want nothing more than to breathe you,

Blissfully I've fallen, yet sometimes I wonder if I'm enough for you,

Because sometimes you can't help but feel so alone.

When the sun doesn't shine, does the rain fall down around you?

When you look into my eyes, do you see nobody but me?

I'll try so hard to be the only one in your world, the only one who's real,

But I can only hold your hand when you let me.

Sometimes I want to hurt myself,

Because I never want to leave you, but time has to pass,

I want to recreate your sin, to hide you from the world because I fear you'll leave me,

Because I'll never feel good enough, because I know I'm not good enough.

When there's nothing left to whisper, will you tell me that you love me?

When you fall asleep at night, do you even think about me?

I want to take away the pain, to forget the past, because it hurts me,

I'm jealous of every girl who's touched your heart, but I'll never admit it.

I want to run away with you,

Because I want to feel your death on my cold breath,

And if we were to crash, I would have never felt sad,

Because your presence is the only morphine I'll ever need.

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natasha's picture

"I want to recreate your sin" I love this line a lot for some reason. It got stuck in my head and fit perfectly with the rest of the poem.