The Devil's Messenger


Forgiven, yet another unfaithful aspect of love,

A property frozen within the empty core of my heart,

Wandering blindly with no knowledge of my nonchalant gaze,

A faceless creation, unholy, yet the angels still grieve at my feet,

Unknown as it is, I beg for answers to questions not asked, or thought of,

Whilst I am devoured by the Devil's messenger,

Who carries yet another kiss of lies,

A scripture of warning with lack of words,

But as my eyes become devoid of song, of stupidity,

I fall yet into another trap, not knowing that your claws are baring beneath me,

And sometimes I can't help but feel so hallow,

Never knowing your expression as you cast your eyes behind me,

Your arms draped gracefully at my waist,

But you promise me, without speech, that you shall never betray me,

Yet me heart, alone, can't bare that burdon,

The lies spoken behind those very lips,

Stolen from me by a vampiric kiss,

So run away now, and leave me here on my puppet strings,

While I wait for yet another child to bare my wings.

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natasha's picture

For some reason when I read "Devil's Messenger" it made me think of Descendants of Darkness. But I really love it especially the mention of Angels. Didn't you put this one in VOICE?