Eye of the Storm


Your smile burned a hole in my fragile mind,

My love traveled blindly to the surface of your heartbeat,

I remember its uneven swoon against my chest,

One beat, two beat, three-four beats,

Like a ribbon of thought, your laugh contained within me,

Your eyes like rivers upon my very soul.

Innocence was lost on your bedroom floor,

The lights and the shadows won’t tell our secrets,

But something’s up with the dawn at your window,

The curtains whisper laments to the closet door,

Somehow the bed-sheets tune in on the gossip,

And it’s gotten to your 1987 Toyota Camry.

While children applaud and the lights grow dim,

A different light grows brighter than the sunshine,

Through a blanket of shadow and beneath children’s feet,

My eyes affix on you and only you,

Because you are the ghost at my bedside,

And the shells on the beach placed so inconveniently.

Can you count the stars in the sky from Heaven?

Are the wings larger than on Saturday morning cartoons?

I’m still kissing your footprints and saying I Love You,

Because you know, baby? It still hurts to think about you,

You’ll have to send me a letter from the sky, love,

Because I don’t think the UPS man can fly.

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Ronald Yates 3's picture

I FOUND YOU... lol. I remember reading this poem in Sue's classroom! I like it expecally the first paragraph... You can really visualize what your talking about when you say "Your smile burned a hole in my fragile mind, My love traveled blindly to the surface of your heartbeat,..."

SexyOldBAG's picture

This is EXACTLY what I am talking about!
So deep and emotional.
So meaningful!
You use metaphors WONDERFULLY!
And your poems always make me cry!
Well I just thought that I would let you know that I have read your poem...
Go see my new one!
It is called Ambushed!
Go see and comment! =D
Love yas!