These Angel Wings


I’m not broken inside anymore,

Because your voice has shaken me,

I’ve struggled free from the words,

Wrapping around my feet,

The autumn air is the wind in my lungs,

My self mutilation, my self deprivation,

This sea of human life,

And no colours left in my eyes,

I’ll stay here, I’ll falsely remain,

A victim of the rain,

With his blood on my fingertips,

And my frozen eyes will search for you,

My fingers reaching out into the dark,

Where I cannot see you anymore,

My eyes swelling with tears,

Like a child lost in a supermarket,

Clutching blindly to my only memory of you,

Wishing that this torment would stop,

Wishing time would stop so I could take a breath,

And remember my place in life,

Although these footsteps have disappeared beneath me,

And my halo falls around my neck,

These angel wings can’t lift me any higher,

No matter how high I fly I’ll never reach you,

Your hand has grown so cold now,

The tingling sensation of your touch has faded,

And all I have left of you is the dirty ground,

The rain on the sidewalk, the stars in the night sky,

And the lacerations that seal my words within me.

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=( Aww...
This is really deap...
You're such a great poet!
I know that if you enter more contest and publish your poems that you can make A TON of money off of them!
If you have enough poems (Which you probably do)
You can probably do it right now!
I'll help ya! =D
All you have to do is go to poetry sites and look for publish and try to find some one who loves your poems and is willing to fund your publishing (They of course with make a profit too, but you will also make a profit and a name!) You will then be a famous poet!
This is a long critique and I am done now...
I love this poem.
Love yas!