Truth is a Treasure


A glass heart perched upon an open window,

Where the scene of an abandoned home takes place,

Just outside of Armageddon,

An old woman sits, dazzled within her dreams,

Rocking back and forth as death soon takes her,

Will our eyes ever be the same?

Through the door and in his arms,

I find myself a little piece of sunrise,

Within the embrace of agony,

Oh, how I long for death to take it's toll,

So that I never have to cry again,

Beneath the branches of a weeping willow.

It's not going to be different in this world,

We watched our sky turn black as night,

And human ash cover our once lively walkways,

Now all that's left is the spiraling staircase,

That leads us where we will finally be free,

From the chains binding us between life and death.

Why love is never hatched from it's eggs,

And thrown out of it's nest to fly toward our hearts,

We may never know, because truth is a treasure,

We will find ourselves, soon, running through a field of flowers,

And building a sand castle within the ash,

Knowing that whatever comes our way...

We'll take it together, hand in hand.

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Everything I read from you is AMAZING!!
There is no getting over it!