Sculpt Me Beautiful


They're watching me fall and lose sight of my flaws,

Picking and teasing, exposing their claws,

"Not good enough," they say "You'll never, ever be,"

I want to be flawless, beautiful, you see?

I'll shave off my thighs until I'm pencil thin,

I'll suck out my cheeks until they cave in,

I'll pluck every single hair and every eyebrow,

I'll never eat again, you guys, what do you think now?

Am I going to be good enough? Will I fit in?

Will my teeth ever be white enough to manage a grin?

Did I sculpt myself beautiful? Is this how I'll be?

If I was flawless would you finally see me?

I'll clip off my fingernails 'til they're bloody and sore,

I'll stuff silicone in my chest 'til I can't breathe anymore!

I'll suck in my stomach for a rib corset,

I'll powder my face until my beauty is met.

Can you stand it my love? Can you look at me now?

Is this how you wanted me? Should I take a bow?

Did I sculpt myself beautiful? Am I a work of art?

Is it enough for you, or should I tear out my heart?

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