It's My Fault


The guilt strikes me now that these words have been said,

The future I'll never have now passes through my head,

I'm sorry I told you things you'd never see,

I'm sorry I let you fall in love with me,

But this is my fault, I am the one to blame,

For leading you into my chaotic little game,

And I'm sorry for taking what's most precious to you,

But it's not the end of time, the sky is still blue,

The stars are still above you, don't let your heart tear,

Even if you never knew me, my heart is still there,

Don't let the days pass you by, you still have much to do,

Don't let my misfortune pass onto you,

I don't want you to die for me, I need you to see,

All the things I couldn't do, and wouldn't ever be,

The months now count down, the days and moments too,

I believe you when you say it, but is it really true?

Did you mean it, that you love me? Or are you another lie?

Will I have it on my heart even after I die?

I know that you all love me, but if this is my fate,

There is nothing I can do about it, I'll wait for the date,

Your days may be lonely, but please don't be sad,

I want you to relive all the dreams that I had,

If they want to take me now, then take me they must,

But please don't leave your hearts abandoned within the morning dust,

Live on and take hold of all the things I couldn't do,

And keep it in your heart that I really loved you...

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foxgloves's picture

I wrote a poem called "It's My Fault" once, but it's nothing in comparison to this.