Only You


They say I'll never be good enough

To be the only one within your unseeing eyes

I'm so far away from you now

My fingers may never wipe away those tears

I can't be there for you, Love

Because you could never feel the same

Sleep refuses to come to me

This night that I think of you

I imagine hearing your voice say "I Love You"

Even though I know you could never mean it

Here I was, thinking I could die for you

Only to betray the heart I tried to repair

I laugh because I actually thought I meant something

To somebody as caring as you

I was right what I said

"How could I love somebody who could never love me?"

And you feel it too

I cry in this one-sided harmony

Harvesting a siren's call

Of something that could never be

Something that is killing me

Only you could wash away the fears

That the darkness creates

Without your protection

I am nothing more than the mask that hides my inner self...

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