God Isn't Here


Blade to throat, your lies no more,

Through gritted teeth my mouth is sore,

My hate for you grows more each day,

Your love is fake, now stay away.

Shaking hands, eyes blood red,

If I slip, you'll end up dead,

Once last chance to cleanse your mind,

For if you don't, your soul is timed.

Use her, will you? Your last time,

To disappear or your life will be mine,

I will kill you, skin you alive,

I won't even let you cry.

There's nobody coming, your god's not here,

You had your chance, now it's me you fear,

Leave this place and never come back,

Or you'll surely live a life of black.

visible sin in tears on your face,

You can't say sorry, you can't erase,

The pain within her unwell eyes,

And the evil within my murderous cries.

I'll kill you slowly, I'll kill you clean,

No room for air, you cannot scream,

My laugh proves justice, be I insane?

Captivating eyes you cannot tame.

You'll lie lifeless, you'll suffer more,

I'll shove your body under the floor,

I'll burn this house so nobody will see,

As I stay within, and let it kill me.

You're going down under, and so am I,

A sure desire of flame and fry,

I'll watch you suffer, I'll laugh as well,

As we both fall downward into Hell.

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my_thoughts's picture

Wouldn't want to be ur enemy. Sounds like you'd put a hurtin on someone!

foxgloves's picture

Wow. Someone made you angry.
I like it, though. Hah.