Burning within you, pain does not exist,

Fighting off a power with a scarlet tinted fist,

Your eyes are like no other, amazingly unique,

Through the blinding light I find it so hard to speak.

Outrage consumes me, overcome with a lie,

Twisting violently within the storm's shallow cry,

Breaking down the walls, my heart is now calling,

As deeper love grows, I'm falling, falling, falling.

A glance left behind growing older each day,

Even though you beckon me, my tears go away,

A love you'll never give me, a love I'll never know,

Of a love far away that I lost long ago.

When life bleeds away and I'm no longer here,

And my last trace of love is covered in fear,

I know I'll be worthless, pathetic, a lie,

You'll never know the pain that I feel inside.

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