On a pillow of lizards eggs,

Ankles bound with spider legs,

With angel hair and babies breath,

Brought together by my own death.

A smile of pearly beetles teeth,

Mistaken love falls at my feet,

A shattered mask of mutilation,

Fastened shut by lacerations.

Wrapped in coarse black widow's hide,

A smile within I just can't find,

Sewn up with silken spider webs,

I'd rather it my heart be dead.

Eyes pried open with insect fangs,

Tormented smiles pull Satan's reins,

A look so devious; satanic bliss,

Face mutated by a spider's kiss.

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foxgloves's picture

Oh my. This is my favorite out of all your poems.. I think.
Probably because I adore spiders so much.
*Infinite Kudos*

Silver Fox's picture

oh wow i really like this one reminds me of a tool sonmg in a way lol XD


Rachel Quesnel's picture

Wow...I really like this one. Great job!