You think that I cry for attention,

But I'm really crying from pain,

And punishment.

I've felt this way before,

Beat down by the ones I thought I loved and loved me...

And now I'm crying from humiliation

And discomfort,

In the eyes of allied strangers.

My heart scared away

From the home I was once welcomed in

But nobody cares, I'm just trying to cause problems.

And now I find myself crying from fear

And misery,

And I can't seem to hide the tears behind the mask,

That you somehow broke through...

All the tears from all the times I've held back,

Now break out and hit me all at once,

And once again I feel beat down and abused,

Left for tragedy to feed upon,

Once again regretting my life,

Once again...


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foxgloves's picture

Very sad. It makes me wonder what happened?