All That I Am


Hiding behind a smile of false teeth,

A faceless mask covering up the scars,

Never was I the one on the top of your list,

Never did you care for me,

You never did take good care of me,

All you've done is put me down and fuck me up,

And yet you still don't see how much

I hate you...

All that I hate, all that I regret,

All that I am...

Never did you forgive me for not being strong enough,

You just saw that bitterness,

Never did you see the nicer side of me,

I said I was sorry but you never let me go,

You put everyone else before me,

Why am I not important to you?

You will pay for all the times I've been hurt,

All that you've done...

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foxgloves's picture

I've written poems to myself, from myself before.
I don't think I've posted them yet. I'm trying to get All my poems onto the computer and out of my journal, but I still have a long way to go. Anyways, I'm rambling.
About the poem: I really like it simply because it's TO you, FROM you. And it's blunt. Kind of sad, though.