I'm Not Worth It


Promise me you won't cry when I loose all that I have,

I deserve every cut on my body, done by my own hand,

Don't think it's your fault when I get angry,

Please don't cry for me, I couldn't forgive myself...

I'm not worth it...

I'm sorry if I'm not everything that you'd like me to be,

And if I'm not good enough for your friends,

But that's okay, the abuse is all that I deserve,

It's okay for me to be pushed around and put down,

I'm not worth it...

Promise me you'll smile even when I'm in pain,

It'll heal my wounds quicker just to see you happy,

Ignore my cries for help, they're not needed when I'm with you,

Don't ever cry for me, I'm not worth your tears,

I'm not worth it...

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Awww i like this one