Forlorn Love Song


Silently whispering a demented lullaby,

Dancing through dreams with a look of torment,

Speaking through my eyes and seeing with my mind,

Singing a solitary silence in your deaf ears,

Tears fall down, only swept away by artificial glances,

Hating to love, and loving to hate at the same time,

I forgot that I loved you, I was chased away from that reality,

By jealousy in others expectations, to believe in you,

Seeing through the unreal actions of my heart,

Following footsteps that were never there in the first place.

A sleep so deep I'll not awake,

The price I pay for everything I've never done,

A bitter and black heart, a forlorn love song,

I give you my everything, my unknown happiness,

I'll never belong, so thus I stay unhappy,

With a sythetic smile plastered on a plastic face,

A love to one I cannot give, but I pretend to give,

Gives me strength to pass forward through life,

Living the lie, pretending secrets are always kept,

In my heart, bolted down behind metal doors,

Where false love is the lock, and the forgotten is my key.

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"With a sythetic smile plastered on a plastic face,"