A promise kept only to be broken

A smile on my face to cover up the fact

That I am so ANGRY inside

So tired of the lies

Sick of hearing your voice and staring at you

The one who I love

Who could never love me back

We all know that when we are born

We will eventually get hurt

I'm sorry that I'm not everything you wanted

I was never pretty enough for you

I was never good enough for you

So now I'll teach this damn world a lesson

I will destroy myself and see who gives a fuck at all

I will take a bullet to my head

So that you can witness a TRUE smile on my face

I'm sorry,

This is how it's going to be.


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foxgloves's picture

Wow. It seems like a suicide not that someone wrote. But the person who wrote it was going to commit suicide in spite of someone else. Ya know?