I sense him,

I can feel him every time I fall asleep

Every time I close my eyes

Even when I think of somebody else...

I hear him,

I can't get rid of him

I scream and cry and try to block him out

But nothing seems to surpass his power...

I feel him,

Always, he captivates me

He corrects me when I am wrong

He tries to make me feel the pain of betraying him...

I see him,

I am in love, I don't want to fall out of it for him

Even though he's watching me

With that evil smile and devastating eyes

I taste him,

Warm, coppery liquid pierces my tongue

I am forced to drink his blood

And feel myself within him...

I hate him,

Because he has tied me down with a false smile

And faulted me for his sadness

He was everything I never wanted...

I love him,

I think back on all we've ever had

All the memories and creations we've made

It hurts to think of him...

I lost him,

I never thought of what I had until I did

I was so stupid, so ugly, so wrong

I destroyed somebody without even knowing it...

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foxgloves's picture

Wow. Very poweful. And the truth behind it is even more so. I like it.

Silver Fox's picture

you will never forget the love you had for him the love you still have for him don't hate him i mean if you think about it if he was still alive do you think you would have been with robert? or Allen? or would still be with him?