Hey there, don't be scared... These eyes aren't well enough to see you

Unwell, that word has once again come back to me and

I see through it all, I see the obvious and beyond

Deep within the darkness is the light, that of which I throw away the

Days you've kept me waiting, the days you said you cared when

You really couldn't stand looking at me anymore. See? No everyone is

Perfect. Not everyone can tell the truth because the truth hurts, my love,

Darling, can you no longer see me? Am I still fading into your eternal

Oblivion? Am I still nothing but the enemy in your eye and the dirt

On the ground? That spec of nothingness that has only caused

Hurt, dispair and loneliness in that pathetic life of yours?

Do you not see that I'm hurting as well? Are your eyes that empty

And your soul that hollow to not notice the little things that had

Once brought us together in the hellish world that we live in

at this moment in this time at the very tip of the hour glass?

Do you not see me? Am I hidden in the dark? Have I lost my

Voice? Have I lost myself? Can you still see me? Am I still here?

And to this day I celebrate the way you once loved me, the times

that we shared together... This, my friend, is torment.

I'll hold the knife, I'll draw the blood, I'll slit my throat for you, my love

My times of need have grown cold and distant, my life is slowly drowning...

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"to this day I celebrate the way you once loved me"
That.. Is... Fucking.. Amazing.