My Marrionette Heart


Behind the bitterness of my sleeping smile

Lies a heart that dances like a silhouette

Black and untouchable

Only that of which sight can witness

Dangling on strings are the marionettes of my soul

That linger in my empty eyes

Oh how they seem to look away from you

You have noticed this retreat from life...

But as my love fades, I keep the sad story

Because pretending is okay on my behalf

I'm okay with false emotion, I feel it everyday

Another heart that my own will betray

Only we should matter, you and I

Together we will conquer as fast as we will die

Alone in the path of drowning desire

And my constant feelings of bitter apathy

Regardless of my false actions and smiles

I'll live on my cold, emotionless life

Absent-minded and numb from all who love me

Because of the synthetic reality I live

Am I really the one you need to question now?

Or is it your own fake heart that has lied to you again?

I am not turning away from you, but avoiding my pain

As I once again smile, withdrawn and absenced from self-doubt...

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foxgloves's picture

Naw. I didn't see sadness in it. I saw nonchalance. Apathy, as you said. I liked it. Especially "Dangling on strings are the Marionettes of my soul."
I wrote a poem about puppets... Kind of. It was a metaphor. But this reminded me of it because of that line.

Facade's picture

No one can last long without emotion...Yet This translation is as good as it gets. I like it. Keep writing!