Move On


Each day is a dread to move on

It's like walking through quicksand

Each step taking me into a distant oblivion

Living a lie that I cannot put behind me

All I can do is move on...

Each lie I repeat, each day

I look down and smile and say I'm okay

When really I'm dying on the inside

I can't tell you the truth

Because my reality is so fucked up

I'm sorry, but did it ever occur to you that I was hurting?

Nobody ever feels my heart

For it is too cold and far away now

Untouched by the bitterness of love

I'm falling...

But as I look back at you I see beyond your smile

I realize that what you see in me is nothing

Not compared to something you have had before

I'm tired of being your last resort

If you don't love me, you should just tell me...

I don't like living this lie, and holding back

If it hurts to try and love me, then don't

I can't hold you under anymore

To drown you in my misery would only make the wounds deeper

So I'm letting go...

So now my smile is willed away

As I turn my back to you

And tell you that I'm okay

And that I'll be happy for you when you find true love

When we slowly drift apart, I won't wait...

Soon we will no longer know each other's identity

Another memory soon to be forgotten

At least, to you, I will be forgotten

Because I don't know how much of this I can take

Before I die, wishing that I could have lived...

To say goodbye...

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Marco De Jesus's picture

and to keep face to wear a mask on an unknown tomorrow...
what to be brought, and to receive...
but a switch, and a twitchy smile...

nicely done... i felt the same passion and grief that i had before.

"when youre down, theres only one way to go..."

foxgloves's picture

Very powerful.