I find myself sleeping again

Hiding away from the world

Behind these locked doors

I'd rather die alone, my dear

I'm sorry if I ever hurt you

If I was never there for you

It's now I shed my tears for you

So many times I have been betrayed

I'm tired of waking up

I'm sorry for what I never knew how to be

Could you ever forgive me if I said goodbye?

Would you ever know the nights I've cried?

If I was hurting you, would you tell me?

Instead of masking the pain, just set it free.

I'd rather see you happy

Then to have never seen your face

I'm sorry, but for now I must sleep

And I hope someday you can forgive me

I'm sorry I was never enough for you...

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foxgloves's picture

Another one of Jason.
*Sigh* I like it. but it's very sad. Maybe that's why I like it so much..?