Wounds Too Deep


Stab out my fucking heart, I don't deserve to live

Not in this life, constantly ignored and pushed aside

It's my entire fault that you are hurting

Everyone is looking down on me

But nobody actually sees through...

Nobody knows the real me, but that's okay

I like it better this way

Then nobody can see that my heart has been raped

Screaming through torn lungs

And on the inside my soul cannot stop crying

Its own song of sadness set to repeat

These eyes have shed tears


Never ending

I'm afraid of life, afraid of love

I can't do this anymore

Kill my heart, I can't take the beating anymore

I'll rip out my eyes; I don't want to look at this

I'm not pretty enough to be your only one

So I'll end this ugliness

And become myself again...

A mutated soul, designed to be disgusting

In a world of hatred, I cannot wait to die.

All I ever wanted was to love you...

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Powerful and full of emotion.