Together, You and I


It's always been you and me,

In this synthetic reality,

Living these days together,

Sharing laughs together,

And tears... Crying on each other's shoulders.

We have made many memories

Good and worse,

You would die for me, as I would you,

We found sadness at it's highest peaks,

We feel the same emotions each day,

Love found us when we were in doubt,

But in the end we still weren't happy...

Nothing is never good enough,

Not for people like us.

Together we laughed, and made our world,

We've shared so many secrets.

We've helped each other through,

But in the end we always remained unhappy...

Together we showed scars, wiped away tears,

Nothing is ever good enough,

Not for us,

Not for you and me...

Together you and I will conquer the sickness,

Hand in hand, heart in heart,

And together we will end this pain

In suicide...

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o0 know what? if you think about it i look like a gost....look at me! -- anyway i really like this pome ^^