Aishiteru is Japanese for 'I Love You'


My heart is your plaything, a prize to adore,

My love is your prisoner chained to the floor,

My smile is the doll given to you to destroy,

My body is your puppet, another useless toy.

My words are a language that you dare not speak,

My hands are the mirrors that are about to break,

My lips are the doorways of which your key can unlock,

My mind is the prison in which tragedies block.

My soul is a mountain growing higher every day,

My laugh is a reminder that everything's okay,

My life is a reference of the past that's cold and black,

And my eyes are the wings that rest upon my back.

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foxgloves's picture

Okay. THIS IS FUCKING GOOD. Do you mind if I use that whole "my... is your..." Idea? It won't be the same - but the same idea behind it. Pwease? I'll give you credit for the idea. ;)