Regret Me


When the sky sets on fire, traveling down our fingertips,

Like liquid sunburst, reflecting an image of us,

Knowing not what the king of hearts is whispering,

Knowing not what the lowest card is whimpering,

But I still see that small flame in your eye,

A little piece of hope that you're still alive,

Breathing me, tasting me, but not regretting me.

Hold the frame in front of us and snap a portrait,

Pretend that we're normal enough, in love enough,

Well, maybe that last part we don't really need to imitate,

We have no idea what the stars want from us,

So put your arms around me and hide me from the world,

Tell me that the sun is fading out, the stars have all fallen,

And as the world is ending; we're falling in love again.

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