Kiss Me Like Poison


Body against body, the warmth of you against my chest,

Tongues wandering blindly - my mind, it does not rest,

Careful fingers slip behind a head of silken hair,

Just beginning our little game, it starts out with such flare.

Fingers travel, mapping out their current destination,

Love and lust become allies - becoming intoxication,

The soft, small rythm echoes with my heartbeat's gentle swoon,

Nails are scraping bunny tracks, the pleasure's come too soon.

Hair sprawled out like spiderwebs, my eyes affix on you,

You smile at me, and our lips touch - tonight, it's just us two,

The moonlight flickers on your face, the sea green in your eyes,

I know I've claimed you as my own - you are finally mine.

So kiss me like poison, intoxicate me - leave vampire bites,

Lick away the fresh, clean blood - I am yours this night,

Fingers entangle in vines on your head, my eyes beg for release,

Nails leave marks and trails down your back - I'm finally at peace.

Breaths are labored, a second more - we've already climbed this length,

With one last movement, the night air shifts, and we have lost our strength,

You lie upon me, close your eyes, yet something is amiss,

I echo your words, I love you so - it ends with a poison kiss.

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Very sexual x3

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"Nails are scraping bunny tracks,"
Good imagery!