Invision of Sunrise


Is it too late to go back to where we were?

It seems that my memory is starting to blur,

Were we ever once happy? Was my heart once whole?

Was there a time with no bitterness deep in my soul?

Is it too late to turn back time?

So that I can acquire what I thought was once mine?

Put a smile on my face, and pretend I'm okay,

So that no-one will see that you made me this way.

Is it too late to run away from the pain?

To let all my tears be washed away by the rain?

As I'm walking through this darkness, I finally see,

That you are the one who did this to me.

Is it too late to let the tears fall down?

Sliding off my face, I cry without a sound,

As I'm locked in my room with my eyes shut tight,

Wondering if death will come to me this night.

Is it too late to forget all the sorrow?

Will the scars of yesterday still be there tomorrow?

My smile starts to fade, and in comes disgrace,

Saying 'I'm sorry' screams tears down my face.

Is it too late to break away from it all?

As you hold me tight, and let the tears fall,

Going back to where we were, I don't want to be scared,

I just want to know that you'll always be there.

Is it too late to embrace what is gone?

To turn around and leave, pretending nothing's wrong?

Can we turn back time and go back to the start?

Before all the sadness laid upon a broken heart.

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foxgloves's picture

This one really made me sad. The emotion you put into it was incredible.
You are an amazing poet.