There are stars burning in the Heavens,

As Eden sings her songs of sorrow,

When I look at you I wish I wasn't myself,

I wonder if tomorrow will bring death?

I've been crying for a while and pondering,

If my chance to say "I'm sorry" will come soon,

Because I fell in love with hearing your voice,

It would take away my pain if you told me you loved me,

You have taught me nothing, but the world is okay,

With watching me suffer as I fall for you,

Deeper, deeper, deeper...

Months I've grieved, and begged for your glance,

Even if you're not looking at me; but passed me,

I want to embrace the world with open arms,

And tell everyone the truth,

I love you, love you, love you...

Although I suffer knowing someone else has you...

But that's okay,

It hurts less knowing everyone else is experiencing the same pain,

And my own is drowned out by the sound of their screaming,

Their silence, and my inability to break from these shackles,

That hold me back from expressing my inner feelings...

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*Snuggle* You shy little thing!