Hell awakes behind my eyes,

A stare of death and sin,

Armageddon's coming soon,

A haunting deep within.

An evil laugh of hate and fear,

A smile that isn't mine,

I see you there, and turn away,

My shadow far behind.

The winds of fury rising dust,

To an artificial sky,

An immortal taste of bitterness,

Visible in my eyes.

Another flaw of apathy,

The end is almost here,

The steps I take up to you now,

And the words that you will fear.

What happened to the flawless dance,

That beckons me to cry?

The hate within my broken heart

Now wants this soul to die.

To have this feeling disappear,

I must destroy the pain,

That rests within a withered heart

Which hatred doesn't tame.

Each bitter statement I approach

Drives my blood lust wild,

The pain I'm in cannot compare,

My tortures only mild.

Cold as ice and hot as flame,

My eyes are hard as stone,

You left me here to wither and die,

You left me all alone.

You look at me with painless eyes,

As my hatred draws me near,

My smile says things you cannot see,

Armageddon's here...

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Ah. I really, really like this one.Seriously. One of my favorites.