Your Everything


I don't know what I've done

But I'm sorry for it anyways

This life

It's so messed up

My eternal love for you is trying to slip away

All because of my heart

And it's thoughts on betrayal

I can't live anymore

Nobody knows how much death appeals to me

I want to slit my throat

So many times I have come close

But something stops me

Something holds me back

I can't take it anymore

I want to die... Hopefully in your arms

Could you please put me out of my misery?

I don't want to do this anymore

The blade is placed upon my wrist

But I cannot bleed

Something in my mind is once again

Holding me back...

I hate the way I love you

And how I want you to break me

Into so many little pieces

I'm sorry for the way I am

For what I never was

For not being enough

For you...

So can you break me now?

Can you take all the memories we ever had

And tear them apart?

Could you search and destroy every bit of happiness

I never knew I had?

Take all my regrets and throw them in my face?

I wish I knew how to be

Your everything...

I think I need help

As now I want to suffer

In this dark nothingness

I deserve this abuse

Every cut upon my flesh doesn't hurt as much

As the scars upon my soul

Please, put me out of my misery

I want to die in your arms

Just once I want to say the words that wont come out

I love you

And I'm sorry it had to be this way...

But I cannot be saved

From my self-torture

I wish you could see me

Like I see you


I am crying

Slowly dying inside

I'll never be good enough

I'm sorry I never was

Everything you wanted

Now let death speak my name

For I've seen my forsaken light

I've witnessed death

And I've seen where I belong

Let me die

In your arms

Even if I never was everything to you

You could at least pretend you loved me...

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A week of hell? Must've been tough. And hot. :D