2005 or older

A taste of mist, a tear falling from crystallized eyes

My breath crumbles underneath your presence

A whisper cannot be tame, my words are left unspoken

That what was left between us has finally burned away

A cold silence, now broken by the sound of distant tears

In my mind there is a graveyard, filled with haunting souls

The fire still burns, the candle still lit

I can still feel the fire burning through

I want to start things over, go back to where we began

Make me promise not to hurt you; I will only listen to you

Love drowns out the very core of you, you learn to ignore yourself

And now I'm left here dead and dirty, my whispers turn into screams

But I know I'm still alive...

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foxgloves's picture

"My breath crumbles underneath your presence" I really like that line. Powerful.