Distant Reflection

2005 or older

Your light shines freely, your reflection bleeding through

The mirror shatters, the shards cut me... my blood soaks the ground

Pain... what is this feeling I've never felt before?

This unbearable emotion that caresses these dreams

Before I came here, I had no emotion

These eyes were blind and cold... they shed no tears

This heart was black... it had no life

I was a doll, nothing more then a puppet

When I came here you showed me what a life was

Something irresistible...

But also when I came here I learned what pain was

A stinging of the heart... like a needle through cloth

Making it bleed black down this body's soft chest

Tears streaking down the cheeks of this fair child

She is crying, this child is crying

Something that she has never done before

She was always so strong, her reflection hidden in the dark

But she was also alone... she had kept these feelings locked up inside

Never to escape was the soul that was once strong

Now shattered beneath the mirrors shallow grasp

She was crying, black tears ran from her bold black empty eyes

Until you showed her the light did she ever give in...

Until you held her there and never let her go

She never saw her true reflection, she now sees things more clearly

All because of your distant reflection,

Did I ever realize this was myself that was crying...

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Kris Grula's picture

Amazing poem. I'm in complete awe.